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Treating TMJ with M2T-Blade & IASTM



In our 2-day functional courses, one of the most common questions we receive is treatment of the TMJ and managing this condition with IASTM. Here is a quick video from our course displaying how to assess and treat TMJ with neck.

This video is filmed live at our course in Amman, Jordan on June 1st and 2nd, 2019

TMJ is a very common issue that effects the jaw which could lead to pain. As practitioners and trainers we need to look beyond the joint and to other structures such as neck, thoracic spine and pelvis.

There are three main categories of TMJ pain:

  • The most common is in the muscles that control the jaw and the connecting neck and shoulder muscles;
  • Internal disorder of the joint, or a dislocated or displaced disc; and
  • A degenerative joint disease in the jaw joint, like arthritis.

Your risk of developing this pain is increased by jaw injury, stress, or grinding and clenching your teeth.

The jaw and muscles surrounding must be asssessed and treated not only with IASTM such as the M2T-Blade but we must look at the rotation and flexion/extension of the thoracic spine as this will lead to increase tension on the neck a jaw.

In our video filmed live in Amman, Jordan {

https://youtu.be/2f7jdK5n9tI}  we will look at how to treat the jaw and surrounding muscles. 


As well - the shoulder and Thoracic spine must be treated as can be seen in this video by advanced massage therapist Ricky Porter in Atlantic Canada


See full video here on shoulder and thoracic spine:



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