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What are the benefits of IASTM? - Here is our Top 7!

Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) is a manual therapy technique that uses specialized tools to massage and manipulate soft tissues in the body. While individual responses to IASTM may vary, there are several potential benefits associated with this treatment approach:

  1. Improved Range of Motion: IASTM is believed to help break down scar tissue, adhesions, and fascial restrictions, which can contribute to increased flexibility and improved range of motion in joints and muscles.

  2. Pain Reduction: By addressing soft tissue dysfunction, IASTM may help alleviate pain associated with conditions such as muscle tightness, inflammation, and injuries. The manipulation of soft tissues aims to reduce tension and promote healing.

  3. Enhanced Blood Flow: The application of IASTM is thought to stimulate blood circulation to the treated areas. Improved blood flow can contribute to better oxygenation and nutrient delivery to the tissues, supporting the natural healing process.

  4. Faster Recovery from Injuries: IASTM is often used as part of a rehabilitation program for injuries. It is believed to accelerate the healing process by promoting tissue repair and remodeling, potentially reducing the recovery time for certain conditions.

  5. Breakdown of Scar Tissue: IASTM tools are designed to target and break down scar tissue and adhesions. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals recovering from surgery or dealing with chronic conditions that involve the formation of scar tissue.

  6. Localized Treatment: The tools used in IASTM allow for precise and targeted treatment of specific areas of the body. This can be advantageous for addressing localized soft tissue problems and providing focused therapy where it is needed.

  7. Neurological Effects: Some proponents of IASTM suggest that the sensory input provided by the tools may have neurological effects, influencing the perception of pain and promoting relaxation in the treated tissues.


What About M2T-Blade?

The M2T-Blade stands for Myofascial Mobility Tool. It was the first all-in-one IASTM treatment tool where 1 tool replaces the 7 tool kit sets!

The 'Blade' always is the only instrument with specific research based solely on our tool. 

The M2T-Blade is one of the most research instrument-assisted soft-tissue tools on the market today with over 30 published research papers supporting our tool.

Here are the top research articles with IASTM and M2T-Blade:

1) https://www.worldwidejournals.com/indian-journal-of-applied-research-(IJAR)/article/comparison-of-myofascial-release-and-iastm-using-m2t-blade-on-heel-pain-a-randomized-controlled-trial/MTMwMDk=/

2) https://jmscr.igmpublication.org/home/index.php/archive/137-volume-05-issue-04-april-2017/2204-effect-of-iastm-using-m2t-blade-on-acute-heel-pain-a-pilot-study

3) https://www.allresearchjournal.com/archives/?year=2017&vol=3&issue=5&part=H&ArticleId=3725

4) https://www.researchgate.net/publication/341685500_Instrument-assisted_soft_tissue_mobilisation_versus_stripping_massage_for_upper_trapezius_myofascial_trigger_points

5) https://www.jemds.com/data_pdf/prasannajeet%20nikam-aug-17-Ori-ECC-Checked.pdf


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