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How can Massage Therapist Incorporate I.A.S.T.M. in their Therapy.

IASTM instruments such as the M2T-Blade are a popular treatment modality for therapist, trainers and doctors alike.

 How Can Massage Therapists Incorporate IASTM into Treatments?

Firstly, we do encourage formal training before you incorporate IASTM into your assessment and treatment protocols. Once you are familiar with using the tools IASTM techniques as a massage therapist are frequently combined with other techniques, exercises, positions or different types of stretching.

IASTM tools are an extension of touch they provide feedback and a different type of contact. There are two techniques we recommend at M2T-Blade.com recommend:

  1. Short Sweeping Strokes
  2. Cross-Frictional Massage

The Blade and IASTM tools can be used as an extension of your hands during treatment to locate myofascial adhesions and treat them

As a massage therapist, it will also provide safety for your hands and elbows while providing top rated care for your clients.

IASTM is not a full stand-alone treatment and should be used with other treatment modalities such as cupping, general massage techniques, acupuncture, taping and stretching. 

 Want to learn more on how to assess and treat as a massage therapist using IASTM?

Watch this video below of Ricki Porter {Massage Therapist} walk through a massage class on the different techniques and assessments tools we teach


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