Handle Bar

The M2T-Blade handle bar is the newest addition to the family. Perfect for practitioners and trainers looking to work with athletes, on field work, or pre-game therapy. 

The M2T-Blade handle bar is cut at a 45' angle to improve penetration into the soft tissue, while allowing the practitioner to apply the least amount of force where it is comfortable for both the therapist and the client. 

Handle Bar Weight, Size and Edges;

Length - 18" (457 mm).

Weight - 17.77 oz (504 grams).

Edges: concave and convex side

Material: 100% Surgical Grade Stainless Steel.


Where is the handle bar used for?

 The M2T-Handle Bar is a perfect IASTM tool for trainers that are on the gym floor and need to promote blood flow through clothing

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