Advanced IASTM Course in Manila at University of Philippines - March 5th, 2018


Advanced IASTM Course in Manila at University of Philippines - March 5th, 2018

Welcome to the advanced IASTM and Kinesiology Tape advanced course Presented by University of the Philippines along side Nu Cares. This is a one day intensive course open to those certified by M2T-Blade and Vigor Kinesiology Tape. 


- Certified in Advanced Frozen Shoulder Techniques

- M2T-Blade Level 2 Certified

- Advanced Kinesiology Tape Certificate

Outline of this 1 Day Advanced Course:

This one day, 10 hour course is developed for for any M2T-Blade and Vigor Kinesiology Tape practitioners that are looking to further enhance their assessment skills while applying IASTM and Kinesiology Tape skills.

In our advanced course, registrants will learn advanced assessment techniques such as myofascial chains, sports {on-field and gym}, 

Bonus Module - Frozen Shoulder Certificate. 

In our bonus module, registrants will learn the strategic assessment and treatment techniques to identify frozen shoulder cases and treat to help prevent and improve recovery using IASTM, Taping and Exercises protocols. 

In Asia, 25% of females will experience this condition and will effect their daily living for 6 months to 3 years!

Topics to be covered in this course: 

- Fascial Chain and Assessment with treatment using IASTM techniques

- Handle Bar Assessment, Treatment and Integration

- Advanced Assessment and Sports Assessment

- Advanced IASTM Techniques including Active Striping, Scrape and Tape, Myofascial Chains, and acute care. 

Advances Topics Includes:

- Assessment of the ankle to improve hip mobility and ROM

- Assessment and Treatment of TMJ and improving

Length: 1 Day Course, 10 Hours

- 8 Hours Advanced Assessment, IASTM and Taping

- 2 Hours Frozen Shoulder Integration

Theory: 15% and Practical 85%

Price: 8500 php

Registation Contact:

How Soccer Professionals Use Vigor Tape & The M2T-Blade

Soccer or Football is the most commonly played sport international

Vigor tape is a proud support of local and international matches and teams such as the Ceres Negros FC club in Asia. 

Vigor Tape is used on the team to help reach championship by Ms. Anj Borras, Vigor Tape an M2T-Blade instructor and Head Physical Therapist at University of the Philippines, Sports Injury Clinic. 

Borras utilizes tools such as VIgor Tape to help improve the athletes performance while preventing injuries

Vigor Tape is applied along muscle to improve mobility and improve performance so they athletes can compete at their highest level. 

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