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IASTM Fitness Kit

IASTM Fitness Kit

IASTM Fitness Kit

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Trainers & Fitness Professionals are the backbone and on the forefront of our health crisis. 

As a trainer, it is your role to keep your clients healthy, moving better, and to lead them to their goals. 

In our IASTM Fitness Bundle, you will receive the tools to help assess, and create better movement patterns in under 5 minutes of your workout so you can help your client reach their goals. 

Our goal is to support trainers & fitness professionals with the tools and equipment to keep their clients moving better, feeling better, and achieving more out of their workouts

Our fitness bundle includes:

- M2T-Blade

- M2T-Blade Stick

- 3 Rolls Kinesiology Tape

- T-Shirt

- Introduction Fitness Education Series {5 Hours}

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