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M2T-Blade: Vintage Series {Limited Edition}

M2T-Blade: Vintage Series {Limited Edition}

M2T-Blade: Vintage Series {Limited Edition}

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Our New Vintage Series is the next resolution in IASTM. 

The M2T-Blade is the leading IASM Product for Health and Fitness Professionals.

M2T-Blade is a proud Canadian Company, based in Hamilton, Ontario. We started the revolution of all-in-one IASTM Tools and Customized IASTM Tools. Today, we teach courses in 55 Countries and have warehouses across three continents with over 10,000 certified practitioners. Our goal is simple, we want to help over 1 Million people live a better, pain free life.

The M2T-Blade is used by practitioners and trainers to identify and treat Myofascial Adhesions to assist in decreasing pain, improving motion, and create a better quality of life. 

Full engraving of the tool allows for better gripping by the treating therapist while using creme and lotions, we also increased the weight which will help give a great impact into the tissues. 

The Vintage series has all the functionality of our original tool with a new easy to grip design. 

Every tool allows the practitioner to engrave their individual logo, name and website. 

 Packing List;

-Vintage M2T-Blade Tool

-Handcrafted Wooden Box 

-Nylon Fabric Padded Pouch 



-3-Year Full Warranty (Downloadable Warranty Certificate)

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