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Rapha Health Cup

Rapha Health Cup

Rapha Health Cup

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The 3 Combine Therapy Online Certification Course

 3 Combine Cupping Therapies: Acupressure Therapy, Cupping Therapy and Magnetic Therapy


Myofascial Decompression utilizes Negative Pressure technique therapy with Suction Cups to create optimal healing environment.

A technique that quickly improves and enhance healing which helps treat musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, improving tissue health increasing muscular and fascial mobility.
In suction cupping, a vacuum is generated in a suction cup by air placed flush against your skin for therapeutic effects that pulls up on your skin. The resulting low pressure inside the cup causes a restricted expansion of the tissue that generates a reflective vasodilatation reaction.
It is used to draw the blood flow to the areas of ischemic soreness. Suction cupping also mobilizes and extends the soft tissues by dragging it up and away from the underlying structure. This helps to loose the areas of restriction and activates muscle spindle impulses to relax contractile tissues.

Rapha Health Cup can be applied alone or along the acupoints to enhance its effect. Lowering the ambient pressure can decrease the threshold for generating propriospinal reflexes by needle stimulation of muscle spindles.
Rapha Health Cup (Cupping Therapy)  is a tool used for pulling up the skin and the underlying soft tissues to create space for decompression of nociceptors to alleviate pain and allows more room for blood supply and lymphatic drainage. 

 Rapha Health Cups;

is not your basic cupping therapy.

3 Combine Therapy:

  • Acupressure Therapy
  • Magnet Therapy
  • Sunction Therapy

Set includes 30pieces of 25mm Bulb Suction Cups

It breaks through the traditional acupuncture medicine, integrates the advantages of acupuncture, point, magnet treatment and cupping which can be operated only by putting the needle on the skin.
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