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3 Stages of Frozen Shoulder & How To Treat with IASTM


Learn About IASTM & Frozen Shoulder with M2T-Blade - Assessment - Treatment - Corrective Care More Information: support@m2tblade.com

Frozen Shoulder:

After watching this webinar, practitioners and trainers will be able to identify and implement proper techniques with patients that experience frozen shoulder symptoms.

—Frozen shoulder (sometimes called adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder) is a condition where a shoulder becomes painful and stiff. Shoulder movements become reduced, sometimes completely 'frozen'. It is thought to be due to scar-like tissue forming in the shoulder capsule. Without treatment, symptoms usually go but this may take up to 2-3 years

3 Phases:

—Phase one - the 'freezing', painful phase. This typically lasts 2-9 months. The first symptom is usually pain. Stiffness and limitation in movement then also gradually build up. The pain is typically worse at night and when you lie on your affected side.

—Phase two - the 'frozen', stiff (or adhesive) phase. This typically lasts 4-12 months. Pain gradually eases but stiffness and limitation in movement remain and can become worse. All movements of your shoulder are affected. However, the movement most severely affected is usually rotation of the arm outwards. The muscles around the shoulder may waste a bit as they are not used.

—Phase three - the 'thawing', recovery phase. This typically lasts between one and three years. The pain and stiffness gradually go and movement gradually returns to normal, or near normal.

M2T Blade Treatment Plan:

Step 1 -


◦Thoracic Spine

◦Muscles of The Shoulder


Step 2 -

—Treat -

◦Improve Thoracic Mobility

◦Myofascial Adhesions

◦Weakness within Scapula


Step 3 -


◦1st – IAA

◦2nd – Active PNF


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