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Ms. Singapore - Tyen Rasif receives IASTM Treatment with M2T-Blade

What is the M2T-Blade? nstrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization tools help health care practitioners like Chiropractors and Massage Therapists locate and break up scar tissue and adhesions in your soft tissue (or fascia). There are many tools available on the market. The most commonly known one is Graston. Melissa Doldron, one of the registered massage therapists at Rebalance Sports Medicine, uses the stainless steel M2T-Blade. This is one tool with 8 unique treatment edges (versus multiple tools used in Graston) and can treat any area of restriction on the body. When soft tissue is not stretched enough (or sufficiently), or after an injury, it can become sticky and adhere to the surrounding muscles causing pain and soreness while also restricting movement and flexibility. Various massage treatment techniques help break up the tissue to promote proper regeneration and repair, but for cases of chronic scar tissue and adhesions using the M2T-Blade tool can help get effective results easier and save the therapist’s hands some excessive work. Using a tool focuses the force through a precise area, making the technique more specific than your finger and with less friction. Combined with corrective mobility exercises and stretches to help strengthen the tissue that is being worked on, M2T is an effective tool for massage therapists to add to their arsenal and can benefit many clients. Common Issues M2T Can Treat Achilles, IT Band, Hip Flexor, Hamstring issues Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow Carpal Tunnel Rotator Cuff tendinosis Plantar Fasciitis Scar Tissue Shin Splints
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