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The FIRST EVER Canine IASTM course is launched by M2T-Blade, the pioneer 1-tool IASTM!
After 3 years of working with dog breeders and veterinary health care team, research, observation, and case study by the education team of the M2T-Blade, its finally done!
After 5 years since we introduced the new Equine M2T-Blade Series, an IASTM tool by the M2T-Blade - designed for the aid and rehabilitation of horses. Which made a great success by physiotherapists specializing in veterinary physiotherapy in Europe.
If you have the passion and motivation to help "man's best friends" with rehabilitation and well-being then this is for you!
Course Description: The purpose of this course is to provide the fundamental understanding of functional anatomy and palpation, canine behaviour as it relates in a therapeutic setting, and the ability to perform a basic musculoskeletal and neurological assessment. 
Learning Objectives:
• Identify key neuromusculoskeletal structures; bones, muscles, nerves ligaments, tendons and cartilages
• Demonstrate the ability to palpate important musculoskeletal structures.
• Recognize normal and abnormal gait patterns.
• Perform a rudimentary neuromusculoskeletal physical examination (inclusive of extremities and the axial skeleton)
• Identify treatment goals
• Foundations of IASTM
Introduction of Canine IASTM
• Theory and Application of IASTM
• Exercise techniques to address the treatment goals.
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