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The Quietest Massage Gun.

The ALL-NEW advanced noise reduction motor technology but it does not compromise function for low noise.

Our hearing takes a hit with noise stress hence we have improved our M2T Massage Gun!

Here are the other stealthy ways a barrage of “bad” noise can hurt your health.

Annoyance, mood shifts, anxiety, elevation of cortisol production, elevation of adrenaline levels are the few physical manifestation of noise stress.

“Loud noise exposure can damage or destroy hair cells found within our hearing organ,” explains Dr. Ana Kim, an otolaryngologist at ColumbiaDoctors and associate professor of Otolaryngology at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City.

Vibration therapy or Percussive therapy using massage gun can help reduce inflammation, muscle tension and break up the ground substance that causes pain and restrict movement. Clinicians and Practitioners achieved significant positive results on their clients.

Benefits of Massage Gun;

  1. Relieves stress and relaxes the body by releasing tension and fluid deep in the muscles to increase tissue metabolism.
  2. Increases blood and lymphatic circulation, which allow more oxygen and nutrients to reach the muscles.
  3. Facilitating muscles which is not working.
  4. Releases lactic acid build up in the body, often a result of intense exercise.
  5. Stimulates nerve receptors, which cause vasodilation in the skin and muscles to improve mobility.
  6. Breaks up scar tissue by mobilizing fascia to alleviate pain, relieve constriction and increase flexibility.
  7. Enhances the range of motion by creating more flexible joints and reducing the risk of strains and sprains.
  8. Improves overall well-being. It can improve sleep and immunity, as well as reduce anxiety.


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