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A remarkable milestone for  and M2T- Blade Protocols, we are accepted!

We are accepted at the mainstream Rehab and Physical Therapy Medicine-cebudoc group! M2T- Blade is included by their Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Doctor at the treatment plan.
The First-ever major breakthrough of the unconventional Physical Therapy then the Complementary and now an Integrative Medicine!
M2T- Blade Evidence-Based Knowledge with over 50 International, peer-reviewed open access research study hence placing it the most research studied IASTM tool.
M2T- Blade evidence-based approaches of its effectiveness and efficacy grows through the 12 years in operation thus Trusted by practitioners/clinicians in 52 countries worldwide.
With this breakthrough, we can now connect conventional physical therapy and our M2T-Blade therapy approaches that can be built into our comprehensive treatment plan to ensure quality care and successful recovery.
Our goal is simple, we create mobility within the myofascial system.
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