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Canine IASTM Certification Course

Canine IASTM Certification Course

Canine IASTM Certification Course

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 Are you motivated and passionate to help the man's best friend?

Do you love dogs?  

We do too! - That's why we set out to create the first and only Canine IASTM Instrument!

The instruments make it easier to detect and treat fascia and muscle dysfunction, triggering an inflammatory healing response.

This greatly improves muscle recovery in active dogs and relieves pain and restores flexibility in senior dogs or dogs recovering from surgery or injury.

Using instruments such as the M2T-Blade Canine Edition can improve blood flow, help decrease pain and improve movement

Each purchase includes:

- M2TBlade Canine Edition {Small-Medium, Large Dog} IASTM Tool 

- Ebook {Conditions, Techniques, how to}

- Emanual

- Online Course

- Certificate

- 3 Year Warranty {No additional Cost}


 - At Home: Perfect for those who want to help their best friend at home!

 Small - Medium Dog (56lbs below): Great for small breeds.

 - Large Dog: 56lbs+ 

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